CMEC Reference Framework for Successful Student Transitions

At its 106th meeting, CMEC approved the CMEC Reference Framework for Successful Student Transitions and two accompanying tools: a self-assessment tool and action plan template. The Reference Framework reflects shared perspectives on transitions and signals the importance of the issue for CMEC. Each jurisdiction may use the elements that best suit its specific objectives and context. The draft assessment tool and action plan template are resources that can be used by provinces and territories, as well as the many stakeholders engaged in work to improve transitions, to gauge the development of initiatives and set out future plans within the context of the Reference Framework.

Categories: Indigenous Education, Access to Learning, Adult Education, Apprenticeship, At-risk students, Diversity, Education for sustainable development, Elementary and secondary education, Enrolment and graduation, Equity, Guidance and counselling, Learner transitions, Lifelong learning, Postsecondary education

The Role of Education Agents in Canada's Education Systems

As the recruitment environment for international students becomes increasingly competitive, Canada has emerged as a top destination for international students. This report provides insight into the role of education agents in Canada's international education systems.

Categories: Education systems structure and operation, Guidance and counselling, International students, Postsecondary education, Student and teacher mobility

Information, Guidance, and Counselling Services in Canda

Information, guidance, and counselling services include labour-market information, career counselling, job-search assistance and placement, and personal planning and decision making. This 2002 OECD study involved the completion of a questionnaire by Quebec, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan officials, as well as by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for the federal government, to present their policies and practices with regard to information, counselling, and guidance services.

Categories: Guidance and counselling

Third National Forum on Education: Education and Life — Transitions

This document describes the key sessions of the Third National Forum on Education: Education and Life — Transitions, and includes the reference documents on topics such as: preschool education; transitions within elementary and secondary education; transitions to and within postsecondary education; prior learning assessment and recognition; continuing education; moving to the world of work; and personal and career counselling. There is also a link to the forum workbook.

Categories: Civic and Citizenship Education, Elementary and secondary education, Guidance and counselling, Learner transitions, Postsecondary education, Prior Learning assessment and recognition, Skills training