The CMEC Indigenous Education Plan (IEP), 2019–22, is a three-year strategic plan with four priority areas that builds on work already accomplished under priority initiatives in the previous IEP, 2016–19. IEP 2019–22 has been designed to provide a more coordinated, strategic approach for provincial and territorial ministers responsible for education to work together to improve Indigenous education outcomes for all learners.

Since the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s (TRCC) final report in 2015, and its 94 calls to action, ministers responsible for education have responded collectively and individually to the increased demand for change and reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous Canadians. Ministers, collectively through CMEC, have committed to continue their work to respond to the TRCC’s education-related calls to action.

CMEC’s collaborative work in Indigenous education endeavours to facilitate exchanges at the pan-Canadian level, where ministers responsible for education can share information and learn from experiences from around the country regarding successful actions and initiatives in support of Indigenous education.

The plan is available here. It outlines each priority area’s objective and key deliverables and actions.