Requests for Proposal (RFP)

Pan-Canadian Systems-Level Framework on Global Competencies

A number of provinces and territories are moving to incorporate in early learning, elementary, and secondary education curriculum a broader set of attitudes, skills, and knowledge that can be interdependent, interdisciplinary, and leveraged in a variety of situations. These are referred to as global competencies across Canada, and they are built on strong foundations of literacy and numeracy. These provinces and territories are currently at different stages of implementing their unique set of global competencies, which are tailored to the local needs and circumstances of the populations they serve.

At the pan-Canadian level, CMEC ministers have endorsed six pan-Canadian global competencies to guide CMEC’s future work in this area. They include: critical thinking and problem solving; innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship; learning to learn/self-awareness and self-direction; collaboration; communication; and global citizenship and sustainability. These six pan-Canadian global competencies can be developed over time and equip learners with the ability to meet the shifting and ongoing demands of life, work, and learning; to be active and responsive in their communities; to understand diverse perspectives; and to act on issues of global significance.

CMEC ministers requested a pan-Canadian strategy to assist education systems in monitoring progress as they transition to competencies education. CMEC ministers are expecting the systems-level framework to be completed by May 2018 in the lead up to their next annual face-to-face meeting.