The French as a First Language Consortium is made up of ministries of education across Canada, with the exception of Quebec, to support French-language education in minority-language settings.

Provinces and territories are uniquely responsible for the development and implementation of French as a first language programs.

Pan-Canadian French as a first language projects

In recognition of the distinct character of Francophone education in Canada, the French as a First Language Consortium Committee (FFL Consortium Committee) was established to promote, within Francophone schools in minority-language settings, conditions for French-language learning that lead to enhanced student achievement.

FFL Consortium Committee members work collaboratively to:

  • understand the issues surrounding French-language education in minority-language settings, and
  • identify common needs related to French-language instruction and learning in minority-language settings and develop strategies and resources to meet identified needs.

Since 2004, the FFL Consortium Committee has undertaken a number of pan-Canadian initiatives and projects to improve student achievement in Francophone schools in minority-language settings.
To facilitate access to all FFL Consortium Committee–developed resources, the portal 
J’enseigne en français au Canada was launched in spring 2020. This digital space features the following professional development resources:

  1. Communico focuses on oral communication, while incorporating principles of francization in minority-language settings. It is based on recent research and offers interactive professional learning modules as well as useful pedagogical tools.

  2. L’approche culturelle de l’enseignement is a foundational document that provides information on a cultural approach to teaching, while integrating identity building. This professional development resource includes a pan-Canadian database of cultural references.

Funds for these projects have been provided by participating provinces and territories through CMEC and by the Government of Canada through Canadian Heritage.

Explore J’enseigne en français au Canada today and be inspired!