Copyright matters!

copyright matters

Copyright Matters! 5th edition was launched as a website in 2022.

Canadian copyright law continues to evolve in response to existing and emerging technologies, international agreements, and the need for reasonable balance between the rights of users and the rights of creators of copyright-protected works.

Copyright Matters! now in its 5th edition, has been revised to address how copyright law applies to online learning. The 5th edition retains the explanation of how the changes made to Canada’s copyright law in 2012, and the Supreme Court decision on fair dealing in the same year, changed how teachers may use the copyright works of others in the classroom. It also provides practical information for teachers on their rights and responsibilities regarding the use of copyright-protected materials in educational institutions. Students, parents, and education administrators may also find it useful.

The Copyright Matters! 5th edition publication is also available for download here.

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