PCAP lab lesson plans
Lab lesson plans are available to support researchers in effectively using PCAP data. These lesson plans may be useful for professors in designing their own courses and syllabi, and for students who wish to learn how PCAP data may be used. The lesson plans were developed by Dr. Man-Wai Chu at the University of Calgary’s Werklund School of Education, and are available for non-commercial use.

 Lesson  PDF  MS WORD
 Introduction to SPSS  .pdf  .doc
 Data Management and Descriptive Statistics  .pdf  .doc
 Variability and Z-Scores  .pdf  .doc
 Distribution of Sample Means and Hypothesis Testing  .pdf  .doc
 Introduction to the t-Test for Two Independent Samples  .pdf  .doc
 t-Tests for Two Related Samples  .pdf  .doc
 Analysis of Variance  .pdf  .doc
 Correlation and Simple Regression  .pdf  .doc
 Multiple Regression  .pdf  .doc