The major assessment domain of the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP) 2019 was mathematics; science and reading were the minor domains. Approximately 32,000 Grade 8/Secondary II students participated in April and May 2019.

For the first time, PCAP was administered on a computer-based platform. Similar to previous cycles, PCAP provides feedback to Canadians on how well their education systems are meeting the needs of students and society.

Students today interact extensively with technology—both in the classroom and in their daily lives. This interaction is now a permanent and pervasive part of our society: it is what “feels natural” to students. Accordingly, the move to a computer-based assessment is aligned with current educational and social practices, and supports increased student engagement.

A computer-based assessment has also improved the accessibility of the assessment for students with special-education needs. Computer-based assessments can incorporate computerized accessibility tools into the assessment platform; students commonly benefit from these tools in their daily lives.