The Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) requires that regulatory bodies for all professions ensure full labour mobility within Canada. The premiers of the provinces and territories determined that full mobility within Canada will be mandatory for all trades and professions by the August 2009 meeting of the Council of the Federation. Ministers responsible for education have agreed that the teaching profession will comply with the AIT by this date.

Teacher mobility ensures that:

  • Certificate for certificate recognition exists in the teaching profession so that a qualified teacher in one province or territory is qualified in all other provinces and territories, within the guidelines of the AIT
  • Mechanisms are established to reconcile the various provincial and territorial registration policies and requirements
  • Through communication between governments and universities, teacher education programs reflect government regulations and policies
  • Each jurisdiction has developed regulations that respond to the diversity in teacher education programs throughout Canada
  • Accountability and transparency exist on issues related to the suspension or cancellation of teacher certificates and to criminal record checks

CMEC's goal is to ensure that certified teachers can move between jurisdictions and have access to employment opportunities in the teaching profession. CMEC is working with the Registrars for Teacher Certification Canada to establish mechanisms to allow the reconciliation of provincial/territorial policies and practices.