The examples below highlight initiatives under way in Northwest Territories to improve literacy. For more information on the full range of literacy actions and initiatives under way in Northwest Territories, visit:


Department of Education, Culture and Employment

Some examples of literacy activities in Northwest Territories:


  • Towards Literacy: A Strategy Framework – 2008–2018 This strategy positions literacy as a continuum of lifelong skills development in one or more of the 11 official languages of Northwest Territories. The strategy includes goals relating to literacy for people of all ages, literacy in the official languages of Northwest Territories, integrated partnerships, and community capacity. The objectives and actions address early childhood, school-age children, working-age adults, and Elders and seniors as learner groups, as well as Aboriginal languages.


  • Aboriginal Student Achievement Initiative The Aboriginal Student Achievement (ASA) Initiative began in response to the gap between academic levels of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students in Northwest Territories. The purpose of this initiative is to find the root causes and solutions to eliminating this gap in student success.