The examples below highlight initiatives under way in Nova Scotia to improve literacy. For more information on the full range of literacy actions and initiatives under way in Nova Scotia, visit:

Department of Education


Department of Labour and Advanced Education

Some examples of literacy activities in Nova Scotia:


  • Teaching in Action, Grades 10–12: A Teaching Resource To further support teachers at the high-school level, a teaching resource was developed to supplement the English language-arts guide for Grades 10–12. This resource is intended to provide additional support from a practical perspective for the curriculum guide. It offers information and practical suggestions about the curriculum itself, how the program can be structured in order to support learners in meeting English language-arts outcomes, and assessment and evaluation strategies.


  • Workplace Education Initiative The Workplace Education Initiative promotes learning at work and supports the development of a skilled, adaptable, and competitive workforce by increasing workplace essential skills. The Government of Nova Scotia is working in partnership with employers and industry to respond to worker skills requirements. Workplace Education programs are tailored specifically for each workplace to meet the needs of the employees in that workplace.