Each year, thousands of secondary-school students in Canada transfer from one province or territory to another. One of the major concerns associated with such transfers is the seamless continuity of a student's education. Will it be possible for the student to enter the new school without gaps or duplications in his or her studies? Will it be possible for the student to complete school in the same number of years as if the transfer had not taken place? Will the student have all the prerequisites necessary to pursue postsecondary education in the new province or territory?

Secondary Education in Canada: A Student Transfer Guide is a tool that provides useful curricular information from Canada's 10 provinces and three territories. It should be used in conjunction with official documents, such as student transcripts, which may remain the best guide for determining the most appropriate course of studies for transfer students.

Curriculum development is a continuous process in which programs of studies are subject to change, as jurisdictions strive to meet the needs of their students in the best way possible in an environment where knowledge is fast-evolving.