The first phase of the Pan-Canadian French as a First Language Project involved a detailed analysis of relevant research on francophone students in minority settings and the preparation of a teaching kit for primary schools.

All provinces and territories with the exception of Quebec took part in Phase I of the project.

Looking Further in SAIP

A further investigation of the School Achievement Indicators Program results and other literature on student achievement provided a wider context for and better understanding of the performance of minority francophone students in mathematics, reading, writing, and science.

The results were published by CMEC in Pan-Canadian results of francophone students in a minority-language setting in the School Achievement Indicators Program (SAIP). As well as providing detail on performance factors, the report identified areas in which the jurisdictions could work together in teacher training and resource development.  An earlier report, Résultats pancanadiens des élèves francophones en milieu minoritaire aux évaluations du PIRS : variables contextuelles et conséquences pédagogiques (available in French only), offered additional analysis. 

Francisation Training Kit

An increasing number of students enrolling in francophone schools in minority settings have limited ability to speak French, creating new challenges for teachers, parents and the school systems. These young students need assistance in basic French language and cultural understanding so that they can be better integrated into the schools and their teachers need resources to help them achieve this task.

In response, the Trousse de formation en francisation (available in French only) was developed for the teachers from kindergarten to grade 2. The kit allows teachers to explore various approaches to francisation and to teaching within the minority context.  The kit has four components, all of which and may be downloaded for free: